Religious Life

Religious Sisters, Brothers and Priests belong to a religious order or congregation and are living their vocation within the context of community, whether that community be contemplative or active. They live their lives listening attentively to the call of God, so that they may respond to the needs of the kingdom in a particular place.


They live a consecrated life through the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. These women and men commit their lives to serving God and the Church through prayer and sacrifice, living and working alongside the Church, seeking to love and serve everyone they come in contact with. 


They are committed to sharing in the life and mission of their community by nourishing and fostering their relationship with God through personal and communal prayer and service, being available to people through lives that are lived simply, sharing their gifts of time and talent and treasure for the sake of others.


In the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle we have a number of Religious Congregations -

In this year dedicated by Pope Francis as the year of Consecrated Life, we the Church of Maitland–Newcastle give thanks for those men and women throughout the history of the diocese who have given themselves in faithfulness, whether for a short time or for life, to the service of God. We continue our prayerful support of those who today serve God both within and beyond the Church.