Gallery: Progress at week 54

Week 54 (22 August 2016)


The bell tower parapet has now been completed and awaiting the four pinnacles to be installed.


Replacement of the stone and the repointing to the bell tower is ongoing.


The bell tower's large gothic window has had its leadlight glass reinstalled.


The installation of services for the toilet amenities have been completed, with the footings and slab to be poured later this week.


Garden beds and edging along with associated services have been installed in the Bishop's House backyard, in preparation for planting.


Site preparation and benching for the circular stairs which will connect the levee bank to the St John's Chapel gardens have commenced, with footings to be poured later this week.


Demolition of the existing timber floor structure of the proposed kitchen fitout has been removed, in preparation of the services to be installed.


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