Change, Loss & Grief

"Grief is a conflicting mass of human emotions that we experience

following any major change in a familiar pattern of behaviour," (James, J & Cherry, F. 1988).


Change and loss are normal, natural parts of life. The grief experience that follows, though, can be complex and wide-ranging; resulting in far-reaching and enduring effects that ripple through our lives, deconstructing what was familiar to us. This experience - whilst normal - often leaves individuals feeling unsure of themselves and the world around them. 


Whilst grieving is universal and part of the human experience, it is an individual's unique response to a significant change or loss in their life. It is not something that 'goes away' but instead becomes a part of the 'new you'.  It is a process in which the grieving individual needs support and understanding as they heal, rebuild and move forward. 


The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is committed to providing outreach to the poor and marginalised through compassion, mercy and justice. It uniquely and creatively engages the community in the Healing Mission of the Church through the Seasons for Growth program as it welcomes, accepts, supports and honours the individuality and dignity of grieving individuals as they journey through suffering to find healing and hope. More information about the Seasons for Growth program and dates for adult groups are available on the Seasons for Growth page.


The Diocese, in supporting individuals and communities through the experience of grief, provides general information about Change, Loss and Grief. For more information, links and resources, check out the Support Materials or Useful Links pages.


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