Welcome to the Vocation page of the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle.


The word Vocation comes from a Latin word "vocare" which means "to call".


By our baptism, each and every one of us has a call to follow Christ and we do that in a number of ways. These ways are recognised as Marriage, Single Life, Religious Life and Ordained. Through these states of life we are called to develop our personal gifts for the building up of the Kingdom of God in our place. Through our vocation to follow Jesus we are all called to the service of others and for the sake of others.

  • In Marriage couples devote themselves to God through commitment to each other and then in turn to their family life
  • In Religious Life men and women who are called to serve God and the community in either an active or contemplative lifestyle and who live in a community
  • In Single Life men and women, whether by choice or circumstance, serve God and the community of the Church by serving others through the use of their gifts in whatever circumstance this may be
  • Those living the ordained life, through Priesthood or the Permanent Diaconate, are men who are called to the Service of God and the Church through serving their parish and diocesan community.

Jesus said, "I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full" - John 10:10. You may feel that, through the gift of a vocation, you can live your life to the full, in Christ. To help with the discernment of a vocation, or to simply know more about the vocation choices, you can contact the Vocation Director.

In this year dedicated by Pope Francis as the year of Consecrated Life, we the Church of Maitland–Newcastle give thanks for those men and women throughout the history of the diocese who have given themselves in faithfulness, whether for a short time or for life, to the service of God. We continue our prayerful support of those who today serve God both within and beyond the Church.