Christian Ministry: Integrity in the Service of the Church


Christian Ministry – Integrity in the Service of the Church is a formation process developed as part of the Church’s duty of care for those who work and volunteer in its name. It aims to provide people with opportunities to:

  • deepen their understanding of essential elements of the Church’s life and ministry
  • meet the government’s legislative requirements for training volunteers and employees
  • appreciate actions and behaviours that keep safe all people involved in the Church’s life and ministry
  • know how to respond with integrity when faced with difficulties.

Care has been taken to ensure that important legislative requirements and diocesan policies are understood and interpreted within the context of faith.


This formation is designed and recommended for lay people who are currently serving, or are seeking to serve, in a parish or diocesan ministry position, including those involved in

  • parish leadership
  • administration (secretaries, office managers, etc)
  • diocesan and parish councils
  • parish teams: sacramental, RCIA, youth ministry, bereavement/caring/funeral ministry, liturgy, property and maintenance
  • liturgical ministries
  • play groups and mothers’ groups
  • chaplaincy
  • SRE
  • apostolic groups. 

Completion of this formation is required for those who exercise a ministry which requires the bishop’s authorisation.


Download the formation brochure which outlines detailed information about the content and mode of delivery of this formation, and all contact details.


2017 formation will run at Newcastle West in May. Click here for information about dates, times and venue.