In the sacrament of Marriage (Matrimony) a man and woman publically commit to give themselves to each other in a loving, faithful and life-long relationship. Unlike other sacraments, the couple minister this sacrament to each other. The priest is present as a witness, in the name of God and of the Community.


Rings (circles which have no end) are often exchanged as signs of the permanence of this loving relationship and are a constant reminder of the daily, life-giving graces which married couples receive through their sacrament.


The sacrament of Marriage is important for the wider community because it reminds us of the faithful, never-ending love that God has for humanity and highlights the giving-unto-death love that was so much a part of Jesus' living and dying. When children are born within the marriage relationship, the whole Community rejoices because this particular family community, the domestic church, is contributing to the ongoing life and continuity of the Faith Community.


If you are interested in getting married within the Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, visit our marriage information page.