The Rites


On the Liturgy Brisbane website you will find a series of four brief instructional videos on Preparation of the Gifts, Breaking of Bread, Lay Communion Ministers and Purifying Vessels.


Pastoral Guidance for Confirmation

The promulgation of the revised Order of Confirmation provided an opportunity to prepare pastoral guidance and resources to assist parish sacramental teams in the preparation and celebration of the sacrament of confirmation. The following resources are now finalised in light of feedback.


Pastoral Guidance for the Preparation and Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation: Guidelines, Procedures, Resources. This is the primary reference document for parishes. It contains an Introduction by Bishop Bill, the Canonical Instruction for the diocese, the overview and updated guidelines.


All resources are available as separate word documents for completion and use as appropriate.
Appendix 1 and 2: Alternate Rites.
Appendix 3: Confirmation Liturgy Advice Form.
Appendix 4: Liturgy Outline 1 for Confirmation without Mass.
Appendix 5: Liturgy Outline 2 for Confirmation within Mass.
Appendix 6: Template 1 – Order of Confirmation Outside Mass.
Appendix 7: Template 2 – Order of Confirmation within Mass.


For the complete version containing everything in the one document Click here.


As indicated in the Guidelines, these are to be reviewed and feedback is always welcome. Questions and comments can be directed to or phone: 4979 1135.