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Scripture in the Liturgy

There are several scripture translations approved for liturgical use in Australia, in addition to the Jerusalem Bible (JB) translation in the current Australian Lectionary. These are:

  • The New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)
  • The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)
  • The New American Bible (with revised New Testament) (NAB)
  • The Good News Bible.

The Lectionary for Masses with Children (New York: Catholic Book Publishing Co., 1993) based on the Contemporary English Version (CEV) translation is approved for use in Australia.


This Pastoral Planning site provides some useful free resource to assist communities to reflect on and pray with the Sunday readings. The first resource offers an adult and child focused question for each week of the three year Sunday Lectionary cycle. The second resource is a template for shared prayer based on the Sunday readings and the focus question. The template enables you to insert the reading and focus question from the previous Sunday in a format that is ready to print for your group or meeting. This sheet has a copyright acknowledgement which gives permission of reproduction.


Liturgy and Music

The Australian Pastoral Musicians Network provides a growing array of resources for parish musicians. Please visit the website of the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network.


Guidelines for Music Within Mass prepared by the Wollongong Diocese provides an excellent overview of music in liturgy. The table outlining the priority for singing the various parts of the Mass is particularly informative.


Australian Liturgy Journals

There are three excellent liturgy journals available in Australia. Each one has a different focus and would be a wonderful resource for parish liturgy teams.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liturgy Resources

Recently the National Liturgical Office advised that the NATSICC Liturgy resources for 2015 contained rituals for 'A rite' of smoking' and 'A Rite of Water Blessing' that could be appropriate for use on NATSICC Sunday. The resource notes the need to work closely with the Parish Priest and liturgy team to ensure the suggestions conform with liturgical norms of the Roman Missal (2010). These rituals are found on pg.15.


Copyright in Catholic Worship

For information regarding copyright, please visit the Copyright in Catholic Worship page.


Musings from the MC

Don't miss Musings from the MC, the liturgical reflections of Fr Andrew Doohan, our Master of Ceremonies, which contains many resources that will spark your own reflections. You can view Fr Andrew's Musings from the MC page here.

DLC "Practice Notes"

The following Practice Notes are offered by the Diocesan Liturgy Council in response to questions raised regarding specific liturgical practices.

Royal Commission/Inquiry petitions

Here are two resources to support your community in praying for both the Federal and State Commissions of Inquiry into child sexual abuse. Both resources take the form of suggested petitions for inclusion in the Prayer of the Faithful. The first resource is provided by the Australian Catholic Bishop's Conference and the second by the Diocesan Liturgy Council.


Liturgy Preparation

The Diocesan Liturgy Council offers the following templates to assist communities in the planning and review of liturgies:

The Brisbane Liturgical Commission has prepared a series of brief videos to assist communities looking to improve the ritual flow of their celebration of Eucharist. Click here to view videos on: Presentation of the Gifts; Breaking of the Bread; Lay Communion Ministers; Purifying Vessels.


The GPBS (Gather, Proclaim, break, Send) website has a new free weekly enews called 'Parables'. It provides a 'fresh approach' to the Gospel for the next Sunday. Click here to subscribe and you will receive Parables by email every Tuesday.


Using PowerPoint in the Liturgy

Several parishes have recently raised questions about the use of digital technology in the liturgy, particularly the use of PowerPoints at the celebration of Mass. The Diocese of Broken Bay has prepared a comprehensive resource relating to this area, called The Liturgy, the Data Projector and you.



  • General Instruction of the Roman Missal (Australia). Please note that the final text of the General Instruction of the Roma Missal with Application for Australia is now available. It supersedes the 2007 document which is located via this link. Currently, the final text is only available in hard copy and can be purchased at Catholic Book Stores.
  • Dies Domini is the Apostolic Letter from John Paul II focusing on the importance of Sunday (1998). The entire document is available via this link. The attention of those ministering at Sunday Celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist is drawn to Chapter 3 of this document 'The Eucharistic Assembly: Heart of Sunday.'
  • And When Churches are Built: Preparation, Planning and Construction of Places of Worship is the recently released document for the Australian Church offering guidance to communities, architects and artists involved in renovating or building a worship space. Copies are available from Liturgy Brisbane.
  • Diocesan Guidelines for Sunday celebrations in Anticipation of Eucharist
  • Diocesan Ecumenical Guidelines (please contact Ecumenical and Interfaith Council for a copy)

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