Liturgical Ministries

A range of excellent resources are available to support liturgical ministers:

  • Powerful Points is a comprehensive formation resource that deals with liturgical ministry in general and all liturgical ministries specifically. It can be purchased from Liturgy Brisbane
  • The Ballarat Diocese has prepared a good foundational resource for young people who are ministering at Mass. 

Master of Ceremonies (MC)

The Master of Ceremonies is an important liturgical ministry in the diocese. Please read the role description to gain an understanding of this important ministry.


Liturgical Preaching

Preaching is a key liturgical ministry attested to by the liturgical documents. The following resources are provided to assist all those who are called to exercise this ministry, either as ordained ministers who give a homily, or lay people who give a reflection at Sunday Celebrations of the Word (with Communion). There are many preaching resources available. The following may be of assistance: