LicenSing Online Resource

Parishes are now part of a regional licence with LicenSing Online (LSO) which commenced February 1, 2015. Parishes now have the same licence coverage as our diocesan schools.


LSO is now the primary music copyright agent for parishes and the diocesan office including CatholicCare. It offers the required compliance services for copyright, plus online purchase of worship music, and the bonus of online repertoire management. As parishes become more familiar with LSO they may like to review their need for other worship music licences. Some parishes may continue to need additional licences, particularly those who have a CCLI licence.


The video of the LSO Presentation given by Monica O'Brien on March 1 is now available for parishes and schools to use (see below). The accompanying video index enables you to locate particular information you may be wanting to review. It is hoped this resource will help communities increase their understanding of LSO and their confidence in using all the resources it offers.


The following LicenSing Online Updates provide additional information:

Watch the full LicenSing Online Video Conference presentation by Monica O'Brien: