Diocesan Liturgy Council

The Diocesan Liturgy Council promotes challenging, thoughtful and well-planned liturgical celebrations and encourages the parishes of the diocese to be creative in the way they plan liturgies.



Vibrant liturgy empowering the Church of Maitland-Newcastle to participate fully in Christ's mission
(cf. DoMN Mission statement).



To be of service to the diocesan community by promoting the spirit of the sacred liturgy (SC a.14, 17).


Guiding Principles

  • The Bishop is the chief liturgist of the diocese. The Diocesan Liturgy Council works under the direction of the Bishop (SC a. 41 and 45) 
  • The liturgical life of the diocese is centered around the bishop, especially when he presides at eucharist in the Cathedral (SC a. 41) 
  • The work of the Diocesan Liturgy Council fosters passion for the promotion and restoration of the liturgy as a Spirit driven distinguishing mark of the Church's life (SC a. 43-45) 
  • The nature of the liturgy demands the full conscious and active participation of all the faithful as their right and responsibility by virtue of their Baptism (SC a. 14)
  • The liturgy is the primary source from which the faithful derive the true Christian Spirit (SC a. 14) 
  • The liturgy, particularly the eucharist, helps the faithful grow to maturity in Christ, to preach Christ in their daily lives and to be true to the real nature of the Church (SC a. 2) 
  • The liturgy is the source and summit of all the Church's activity (SC a. 10)
  • The Church's liturgy is a rich feast of rites with the eucharist and other sacraments at the centre (SC a.6).

Theological principles as included and outlined in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan.



  • Anne Millard Daugherty
  • Fr. Andrew Doohan (Chair)
  • Melissa Fenech
  • Uta France (Deputy Chair)
  • Louise Gannon rsj (Secretary)
  • Helen Kearney
  • Fr. Brian Mascord
  • Cathy White
  • Ed Wright
  • Mark Spencer (CSO Associate member)

Diocesan Liturgy Council Updates

The Diocesan Liturgy Council meets on the second Thursday of each month. After each meeting, a 'Diocesan Liturgy Council Update' will be published in the e-newsletter of the diocese, the Dio Update and on the diocesan website.


You can download some recent Liturgy Council Updates here :