Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults

What is the RCIA?

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process where adults and older children who are interested in the Catholic faith may develop their relationship with God as they spend time with a Catholic community in prayer and dialogue; where they learn about the teachings of the Catholic faith and may decide to become members of the Catholic Community.


Parish RCIA Teams are the companions who share this faith journey.


Our Origins 

The Diocesan RCIA Team was established in 1997 to support and co-ordinate Parish RCIA Teams in a few simple ways. The Team welcomes requests by parishes for information and assistance with planning.

Our Aims 

  • To raise awareness of the meaning and importance of the Rite of Christian Initiation to the mission of the Church
  • To promote, encourage and support Parish RCIA Teams and their initiatives
  • To provide resources, assistance and formation to Parish Teams
  • To maintain links with the Australian Catechumenate Network.

For detailed information, download the Statutes of the Diocesan RCIA Team.


Our Strategies

  • Establishing and maintaining links with Parish RCIA contacts
  • Promoting adult education and formation for Parish RCIA Teams and encouraging Parish Teams, Candidates and Catechumens to participate together in faith sharing programs
  • Publicising RCIA activities in our diocesan newspaper Aurora, the Dio Update, Network News and on the ACN website
  • Maintaining resource material at diocesan level for use at parish and regional level.

What We Do

  • Coordinate the celebration of the Rite of Election and provide hospitality (First Sunday of Lent)
  • Organise an annual Gathering Day to discuss RCIA issues and share reports from conferences
  • Provide hospitality and information for the Easter Neophyte Mass to be celebrated with our Bishop after Easter and before Pentecost each year
  • Organise annual RCIA Reflection Day
  • Meet regularly to plan.

Contact RCIA

Mrs Daphne Peterson

Interim RCIA Contact


Email Daphne