Becoming a "Companion"

Companions are accredited facilitators who deliver the Seasons for Growth programs to children, young people and adults in schools, parishes and the wider community.


Training is required to become a Companion.


For further information about training please contact us or: 


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Ph : 02 8912 2700
Email :


For Young People or Adult Companion Training dates, see our Calendar.


Check out the Good Grief website for further information or to register for training.



The program has been a source of great joy for the children who have participated over the past 10 years. It has been a source of satisfaction to me and I continue to be amazed at the results of this wonderful program. (2011)










Wonderful program that I love to share. I am amazed how the program sits so well with most people. I receive comments like 'this is so understandable and makes so much sense', 'I can understand and follow this' and 'Now I know why I have been feeling the way I do' (Adult Companion, 2015)