Common Questions

How do I become an SRE Teacher?

Special Religious Education (SRE) teachers are volunteers who are authorised and commissioned by the parish priest to go into the classroom to teach religious education using an approved curriculum.

SRE teachers are traditionally known as 'catechists' or 'scripture teachers'.

Successful SRE teachers have a love for children and communicate well with them. They are comfortable with being on a faith journey with the children and are willing to more learn about themselves and their faith. They will commit to attend classes punctually and regularly.

If you are interested in knowing more about becoming an SRE teacher why not offer to be a classroom assistant? To find out more information in your parish contact the parish priest or SRE coordinator. The parish priest is responsible for authorising volunteers to teach SRE in the school. 


Formal requirements

An SRE teacher must comply with the Child Protection Legislation and complete a Volunteer/Student Declaration Form.

An SRE teacher also needs to complete an SRE Teachers Declaration and SRE Volunteer Engagement Form. Documentation is available from the parish priest or can be downloaded from this website.

The teacher then receives a Provisional Authorisation Card.



All new SRE teachers and assistants are introduced to the Code of Conduct before entering the classroom.

Attendance at orientation and enrolment in Level 1 training is encouraged in their first year.

Child Protection training must be completed at the earliest opportunity and updated every three years.

SRE teachers and assistants are encouraged to attend Level 2 and 3 over the next few years.

SRE teachers are expected to attend training before they commence teaching. Ongoing training and inservice days are offered during the year. A Certificate is presented at the completion of a Unit of training. On the completion of 3 Units of training an Accreditation Certificate and pin are presented at the Diocesan Mass.

Why teach SRE?

  • Contribute to the holistic education of children and young people
  • Provide an opportunity for students to explore the “big issues” of life, death and purpose
  • Encourage moral development and spirituality in children and their families
  • Enrich the study of art, literature and history by presenting Bible Stories
  • Explore the Christian ethics and values that underpin our legal system and society
  • Affirm that each child is valuable and of great worth to God

Who do I contact?

  • Parish Priest
  • Parish Catechist Coordinator
  • Parish Secretary

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How can I be kept informed about training and other opportunities?

The best way to be kept informed about training and other opportunities is to be on our email list.


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How do we know what to teach?

Only the authorised curriculum can be presented. For Catholic SRE, there are two great programs authorised for use. For Joint Denominational SRE, the local ministers have number of programs to choose from. All good programs are prepared by professionals who select aspects of the Christian faith that are appropriate to the age of the students. Programs are sequential and well structured to make the most of class time.

How will I be supported?

School coordinators, Parish Coordinators & Deanery Coordinators are all there to support volunteers in SRE.


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