Special Religious Education in Government Schools

Special Religious Education (SRE) or Scripture is an important ministry within the diocese that supports parents, students, clergy and parishes in the religious education of Catholic students attending Government schools. The Children's Ministries team coordinates this ministry so that the developing faith of children and young people is based on sound educational principles.


Special Religious Education is the religious education provided by religious persuasions during part of the school week set aside specifically for that purpose. SRE teachers may be referred to as Catechists or Scripture Teachers and SRE is often referred to as 'Scripture'.


The NSW Education Reform Act 1990 requires government schools to provide two types of religious education:

  1. Special Religious Education (SRE) - defined as education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion by authorised representatives of that persuasion; AND
  2. General Religious Education (GRE) - defined as education about the world's major religions, what people believe and how that belief affects their lives. It is taught mainly through the school curriculum.

The Department of Education and Training definitions and guidelines can viewed online.


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