Chaplaincy in Schools

The Church has the opportunity to make very positive contributions to school communities by sponsoring Chaplain/Pastoral Care Workers under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. This program (NSCSWP) supports schools in the provision of services which make valuable contributions to the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of school communities across Australia.


More information can be found at the National School Chaplaincy website. Link will open in new window


We have the potential to create a powerful Christian presence in remote regions where there is no non-government school, and provide witness and outreach to communities facing the challenges of Indigenous, refugee or poor socio-economic populations. A Pastoral Care Partnership exists under the Tri Diocesan Covenant to provide this service so agencies such as Catholic Schools Offices, CatholicCare and Samaritans can combine their expertise and personnel to:

  • sponsor Christian (Anglican or Catholic) pastoral care workers in schools
  • provide basic training in pastoral care, welfare services, child protection, legal issues etc
  • work closely with Anglican and Catholic diocesan agencies to facilitate, promote and provide SRE in schools. 

Children's Ministries serves the parishes and schools of the diocese by research, development and pastoral practice. 


Support with policies, training, resources and programs are readily available through this team.