Parish work

Catholic Mission generally engages with the parish community by way of annual appeals for Propagation of the Faith - supporting faith communities and their needs around the developing world.


During the months of May to August, subject to timing of Easter and the completion of Project Compassion, we conduct our annual Propagation of the Faith church appeal. This focusses upon a particular community and examples of their needs relating to faith development and practical day to day living as an indicator of the support that we provide to over 1100 communities around the world.


Similarly, in October each year we provide resources to support a World Mission Day appeal, which supplements the Propagation of the Faith Appeal, as well as provide funds to support the work of the Church in Australia with our remote dioceses, particularly our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. A proportion of these funds are allocated to the Home Mission Fund, managed within the Mission and Faith Formation Commission of the Australian Catholic Bishops Commission (ACBC), to respond to the needs of those remote dioceses and their indigenous communities.


The theme for 2014's World Mission Month is "When I Grow Up I Want to Be ALIVE".


From time to time we have held gatherings to listen to a visiting priest from a mission country, as well as held specific fundraising events, such as dinners.


A craft group from one parish has been gathering and collecting coins which are then donated to Catholic Mission. They have also prepared Christmas gifts during the year, which are then sold to assist with funds for the missions.

Another art group collected funds at each meeting day and then provided funds to Catholic Mission. Their principal funding, though, came from an art sale day which they held at the end of the year, selling their year's efforts to raise considerable funds for Catholic Mission.


If any parishioner is interested in starting a parish activity group or any existing parish group is interested in collecting funds or undertaking fundraising activities, no matter how small, for Catholic Mission, please contact 49791141 to discuss.